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The Bain of Kanthos -- Alex Dain
The Bane of Kanthos



Welcome to an alternate universe, where sorcery is real and the veil to other dimensions is thin. 

The Bane of Kanthos, by Alex Dain

Far from the bloody fields of Anzor, high in the Dark Tower of the Masters, the man who was known as Rocar stood feeling the inky onslaught of the Shadow against his mind. As he felt the first touch of Darkness, fear came at last to him.

He felt himself becoming lost as his vision began to fade and the swirling winds of alien evil began to pluck at his body. Nightmares sprang into his mind and his consciousness began to slip.

But now Rocar fought as he had never before--mentally and physically. The Bane of Kanthos would not conquer him...not while a kingdom depended upon him as their sole champion.

"...couched in archaic language worthy of a Robert E. Howard pen, The Bane of Kanthos is a rousing story and an exciting one..." -- Tony-Paul Vissage, author of The Nightman Cometh.

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