The Bane of Kanthos -- Alex Dain

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The Bain of Kanthos -- Out Now

Far from the bloody fields of Anzor, high in the Dark Tower of the Masters, the man who was known as Rocar stood feeling the inky onslaught of the Shadow against his mind. As he felt the first touch of Darkness, fear came at last to him.

He felt himself becoming lost as his vision began to fade and the swirling winds of alien evil began to pluck at his body. Nightmares sprang into his mind and his consciousness began to slip.

But now Rocar fought as he had never before--mentally and physically. The Bane of Kanthos would not conquer him...not while a kingdom depended upon him as their sole champion.

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What readers are saying..

In all my years of reading, Fantasy Novels have such a wide range that I sometimes do not feel comfortable in this genre for what authors label this for their stories. When you are reviewing, you sometimes have no idea what this book will bring. Alex Dain certainly has surprised and tantalized me with a wonderful story, yes fantasy, and I couldn't put it down. Reader #1

Magic, fantasy, fighting, all in one fantastic story! ... A wonderful, exciting story about an ordinary explorer hurled into a kingdom of magic and evil..fI found this to be a very fast paced action story. It is written in a manner that keeps the readers excitement level high. I found myself reading more each day than I planned, and I did not want to put the book down. The story flows very well, and the excitement continues all the way to the end. ... Alex Dain has done a very good job writing this book. The reader is drawn into the story, and is kept there. As the reader, you feel everything the hero experiences, and it is hard to come back to reality. I would easily recommend this book to readers of fantasy, who want an exciting story to read. It is suitable for teens and adults alike. I look forward to the sequel to this book. Reader #2